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Carrie Underwood Pulled Over for Speeding


Carrie Underwood says she felt ashamed after a police officer in Brentwood, Tennessee, pulled her over for speeding.

“What’s the big hurry, ma’am?” the officer asks in a dash cam video obtained by Inside Edition.

“I wasn’t even paying attention,” Underwood said. “I know that’s no excuse.”

Although the 34-year-old singer didn’t get a ticket, the self-proclaimed rule follower wasn’t happy with herself.

In fact, she may have teared up afterwards, according to a tweet she posted shortly after the incident.

Brentwood Assistant Police Chief Tommy Walsh said that Underwood’s verbal warning did not constitute “special treatment.”

“These are things we do every day with any number of folks,” he said. “In this case, she was given a verbal warning but that wouldn’t be different than anybody else. We give many verbal warnings.”